Fulton Valley Farms was established in 1925 as the main processor for Central Coast Farms. Fulton Valley Farms processes their product in the heart of California near the farms where the chickens are raised.

Our objective is met every time a customer's needs are satisfied with our unique product. We are proud to say that all our lines, organic, range, and traditional are all raised without the use of antibiotics, animal byproducts and hormones. Another trait that sets us apart from our competition is the freshness of our product. Product will leave our docks within 48 hours of the process date. This characteristic is noticed in the taste and texture, both greatly promoted by the freshness.

Fulton Valley Farms together with Central Coast Farms welcomes you to our site and encourages you to browse around to view our products, read our history and if you're convinced about California's Finest Poultry, be a part of our family.
About Fulton Valley Farms